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Custom Fabricated Beech Floorboards for Sale


By A&M Construction of Cypress, TX



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No two sets of floorboards are exactly the same. Over the last 30, 40, 50, 60+ years, owners and prior owners have installed and uninstalled different hardware and accessories and made modifications that affected their floors. For this reason, each set of floorboards that are produced are custom made for a specific plane.


Your existing floorboards are used to create a detailed mechanical drawings that are then converted to CAD drawings to be cut on a CNC machine. Each piece, including mounting holes and hardware attachment points are CNC precision cut and drilled to within one hundredth of an inch.

The wood used is 5 ply, 6 mm (1/4") thick, furniture-grade Baltic Birch. Free of knots and voids, this plywood is very dense and strong yet light. The quality exceeds that originally used in our planes.


Each sheet is hand-selected and sprayed with several coats of polyurethane. Each piece receives five coats. Each coat is thoroughly dried and sanded before the next leaving a high gloss finish.

Existing metal hardware is cleaned and powder coated before reattaching. All existing

floating nuts, anchor nuts, tinnerman, and clip nuts are replaced with new hardware. Anchor nuts are riveted in place where necessary. Additionally, new screws and finish washers are provided for attaching the new floorboards.

Finally, a flame resistant, sound deadening/anti-vibration, foil-faced, non-corrosive 50 mil adhesive is applied to the underside. 


The new floorboards are then ready to be shipped.


Below are examples of the product quality you will receive (click the image for full size high resolution):








The total process takes less than two weeks once your boards are received until the new ones ship out. Less time is required for DIY kits.


All models of Beechcraft are available for reproduction. Click the Links Below for your particular Model or a DIY version.

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Bonanza P-35 to V35B Fully Finished Floorboards

Bonanza 35 to N-35 Fully Finished Floorboards

Bonanza A36 Fully Finished Floorboards

Bonanza Debonair Fully Finished Floorboards

Baron 55/58-Series Fully Finished Floorboards

Beech Floorboard Hardware Kit

Beech Floorboard Sound Deadening Kit



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".....the floorboards are magnificent and I can't wait to install them."


".....they look amazing."


".....he did mine, easy to work with and they are amazing. Much better than most people could do themselves."




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