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  55-Series Baron Winter Baffles

OK, all you folks with 55-Series Barons may be wondering what function those engine cowl nut plates provide. Well, I've discovered a couple of things the Beech factory had in mind when they installed those nut plates.

The first function is reported by C-55 Baron owner, Dave K., to be cowl bracing to alleviate some nose bug cowl cracking on some C-55 and possibly D-55 two-blade prop installations. Dave reports: "I went through 2 nose bug cowlings before I found out about the support braces."


The second function is the mounting of a Winter Baffle Kit #55-13-1 that Beechcraft offered back in the day (circa 1961), presumably for extreme cold WX ops and that I found and purchased a number of years ago. The kit offers cowl inlet air and oil cooler baffles to reduce the amount of air entry.

Based on comments from the folks at GAMI, regarding the potential inconsistency of CHTs by blocking cooling air entry, I have chosen not to install this kit.

For your entertainment and amusement, here are the pictures of the kit and the associated documentation.

Kit #55-13-1 Parts List is HERE

Kit #55-13-1 Flight Manual Supplement is HERE

Kit #55-13-1 Color Drawing is HERE

Kit #55-13-1 B&W Drawing is HERE

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