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  Baron Easy Lower Plug Removal Technique - No More Complete Lower Cowl Removal!


After years of dreading R&R of the lower spark plugs in my B55 at each annual, I have successfully identified a way to avoid the extremely painful and difficult one-man lower cowl R&R.


Assuming that the lower cowl is not needed to be completely removed for other annual inspection details, I simply removed the four front fasteners from the lower engine mount while supporting the front on a bar height stool and an old Jeppesen Airway Manual binder.


I removed all the screws at the rear of the cowl except for the two with nuts at the very bottom on each side. This allows the lower cowl to drop enough to provide adequate clearance for a 3/8" universal swivel to the spark plug socket, and 6" ratchet extension to be attached to the ratchet handle.





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