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  Garmin 430/530 WAAS Training Videos



Got one of the latest GARMIN WAAS GPS Boxes? Need some tips on how to work with them?


Garmin 430 Pilot Guide HERE                Garmin 530 Pilot Guide HERE


Garmin WAAS Training Presentation (30 MB Zip File) HERE


FAA 430/530 Training Videos Windows & Mac


John Collins simulator connector mod:


"Make up a connector for the 78 pin main connector P0001. Use wire size 22 AWG. Put wires on PWR1 pins 19 and 20 and tie them together for the power supply +12 volt input, if you want to protect it with a CB, use a 2 amp breaker (normal is 5 amp, but in the airplane it is protecting the wire, not the 430W. Put wires on GND pins 77 and 78 and on Demo Mode select pin 75, tie these three together and connect to ground on the external power supply.


The Connector Pin Out is HERE

It has been a while since I used demo mode, but if I recall, when you power up, one of the screens in the startup sequence allows you to select an initial position and a speed."



Check out the videos below.















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