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  Bonanza Cowl Flap Hinge Springs


OK, so there's slop in your cowl flaps or they are too tight! Which is it??


Well here's a simple fix right out of Colvin's Clinic. If you don't have it you should consider getting it. It's a great read cover to cover. There's lots of great info in it. Buy it at the ABS Store!



Basically, you replace your AN-3 Bolts with AN3-7 and add a small spring that is about 1/4" long (hardware store variety) between the hinge tab and the nut (use a washer of course).



The contributor says the above picture shows a Nyloc nut but reports they will be replacing it with a standard castle nut and cotter pin arrangement.


The wear associated with the bolt without spring is reported to be reduced and continued adjustment due to wear is reduced as well.



Here is another "spring fix" which utilizes a nylon washer between the cowl flap hinge bracket and the airframe bracket:





Remember, confirm all modifications are pass airworthy muster with your A&P/IA!


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