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  CSOB Paperless IAPs - (Amazon Kindle +


WOW! First it was the Sony Reader + Reader Plates as a CSOB EFB for approach plates and now there's a downloadable IAP & AFD solution that works on the Amazon Kindle and Kindle DX



Click HERE for AirBrief Registration was the first to provide approach charts specifically formatted for the Kindle DX. This site was also the first to provide the page index lookup scheme.
In addition to approach charts, provides free A/FDs as well as a selection of freely downloadable FAA publications (including the current Federal Aviation Regulations, fully Kindle-ized for both the standard Kindle as well as the Kindle DX).
Visit to see how they differ from the other Kindle plate providers (e.g. live updates via the Kindle's Whispernet access, automated file manager, etc.)



As of 11 September 2009, the AirBrief subscription price looks like $10.00/month.


Here are some questions I put to and their responses:


How will the $0.15/mb Amazon download fee impact an user?

Regarding the $0.15/mb fee from Amazon, that is only for "LiveBriefs". These are the on-demand airport books users can generate that are sent directly to the Kindle via Whispernet. While the cellular network is great and gives you access without having to find WiFi, it is a bit slow for downloading entire TERPs volumes. So, the full sets of charts are downloaded from our website to the user's computer and then to the user's Kindle via USB. There is no charge associated with the specific downloads




How will the downloads be priced after the free period?

Small monthly subscription allows unlimited downloads of everything AirBrief offers
How long will the free period last?
The introductory period will run roughly through August
What will be the service cost after the free period?
The subscription fee has not yet been determined, but suffice it to say, we do intend to keep it VERY affordable.
Even after the introductory period has ended, users may register for free and download any or all of the A/FDs without charge as well as any of the FAA publications we have formatted for the Kindle.


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