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  Cygnet Dual Yoke, Control Wheels & B55 Air Boxes

Finely engineered and manufactured FAA-PMA airframe components by Cygnet Aerospace


Dual Yoke Upgrades Chronometer Leather Wrap Flight Desk Push-to-Talk

Cygnet Aerospace Corp.
P. O. Box 6603, Los Osos, CA 93412
(805) 528-AERO (2376) | fax (805) 528-2377



See more pics of my Cygnet Dual Yoke & Flight Desk HERE



Many Pilots that fly with me are impressed with the utility and convenience of the Flight Desk for Checklist and Approach Plate management. Note the use of the Sony Reader PRS-505 w/Readerplates.


Kneeboards are nice, but if you're like me, once you use a Flight Desk, you won't ever use a kneeboard again. Plus, if you mount one of these CSOB Overhead LED Lights (Click thru 6 Pics) you'll illuminate the Flight Desk perfectly. 



Check this newest accessory item for mounting a tablet PC or Garmin 696 to the Cygnet Flight Desk! 


It will accept the 696 and allow the use of the Chart Holder features. The 696 will mount to a slide part that slips over a hinged arm and the gps is tilted toward the pilot. The arm will let the user swing the 696 out of the way to access the tablet. The mechanism allows for quick release of the 696 to take with you after the flying. Contact Chris at Cygnet for more info HERE




My 43 year old Humpty Dumpty Original B55 Airbox:



Cygnet's B55 Airbox!




NEWS FLASH 5/2/2013: Now B55 Air Boxes being done as a "Repair" by Cygnet can look something like the picture below





Into THIS!


A "repair" is an approved FAA procedure whereby an approved shop can repair your old piece with new components so long as a piece(s) of the original are retained. This could be as simple as the ducting elbows on the bottom of the box to qualify! Call Cygnet to discuss your details.



Below is Cygnet's wood pattern for designing their air box






Right Engine Before Cygnet Airbox                                                          Right Engine After Cygnet Airbox


Consider employing the Beech Air Box vibration isolator discussed in the Beech Service Instruction #0688-258 HERE to reduce the vibration induced fatigue that may occur in your B55 Airbox.


See more pics of my Cygnet B55 Airbox HERE (Click thru 8 Pics)



If your B55 Airbox is looking like my old Humpty Dumpty Airbox seen HERE (Click thru 4 Pics), you should consider giving Chris @ Cygnet a call (805) 528-AERO (2376).


Here is their finalized design. Very nice, IMHO






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