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  Bi-Color LED for Auxiliary Landing Gear Light Indication


Bi-Color LED (Red/Green)


Auxiliary Panel Indication of Gear Lights








If you find it difficult to see your gear lights over on the co-pilot side and have yearned for an "in your face" gear light solution, or are doing a panel makeover and would love to add an auxiliary gear light indication, this could be the ticket for your panel. The above is a bi-color LED that will react to the power feed that your existing factory gear lights receive.


Simple one hole (0.313" diameter) install into the pilot side panel, fed by the Green and Red power wires of the existing gear lights and a simple ground connection. One bulb with two indications!



The proper wires that feed the factory gear lights can be identified by looking in your Beechcraft Shop Manual wiring diagram section. The wire ID numbers can be found in the bundle leading to the gear switch and can be seen by an agile person equipped with an LED headlight laying on their back with their head under the co-pilot panel. An appropriate tap into those wires and fed to the red and green sides of the bi-color bulb will result in an auxiliary gear light indication in a place of your choosing.


My B55 wiring diagram is shown below as an example of what to look for in YOUR SHOP MANUAL FOR YOUR SN.





As with all things in this realm of modification, consult your IA/A&P before proceeding with tapping into your factory gear indicator wiring to add this auxiliary indicator. Some IA/A&P's may simply view this as a logbook entry minor modification. Your A&P/IA will fill you in on his view.


The bulbs are available in 12V and 28V versions.


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