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  Gee Bee Peerco 321 Adhesive Remover*


*Product is not currently FAA/PMA approved, so consult your

A&P/IA for guidance regarding installation and use on certified aircraft.



Awesome Old Adhesive Remover 16oz Container




This stuff removes 3M 1300L with ease!


Here's Chris M.'s pirep on Peerco 321:


It's is environmentally friendly and smells like oranges. That made me automatically suspicious! The product comes in a one gallon can and and is the consistency of jello.


We were changing a set of deice boots and after u cut the boots off u have to deal with the glue. We used to use rags and MEK and hope we didn't damage the surrounding paint.


With the Peerco 321 we put a thick layer and waited about a half hour. It turned chalky white and we scraped it off and amazingly a significant amount of glue came off. Not as much as I expected though.


That got me to thinking about using paint stripper.... We would mop it on, agitate with a brass brush and cover in plastic....after a while the paint fell off and some of our skin.


We tried the same method with the Peerco 321, mopped on a layer, agitated with BRASS brush and covered in Saran wrap, then taped the edges down. We made sure the Saran wrap was directly in the Peerco , making a pretty tight seal.


We came back a couple hours later and the Peerco was still in jelly form under the Saran wrap. We removed the Saran wrap and all the glue was quickly cleaned up and did not harm the paint or primer underneath!


This worked on not only the 1300L holding the deice boots on it also cleanly removed the black conductive cement that transitions to the paint. This stuff would do a great job on anything held on with 1300L...door seals, window seals etc. and it does not bother paint!!!





Boeing Douglas Specification: CSD #1 Stripper


Boeing Specification: D6-17487 revision J



$35 for 16oz Container



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