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  $3-$5 Alternator Belt for IO-470 Engines




If you're flying behind an IO-470 engine variant with a rear mounted alternator, you take comfort in the fact that your pee-wee big bore Continental (an oxymoron for sure) engine does not have that front mounted coupled alternator which on occasion has been known to trash a motor after ingesting pieces of the geared coupling  



You can also take comfort in the fact that a new belt for your IO-470 can be had for about $3-$5 at AutoZone, NAPA and other national parts retailers! Below are some part numbers that worked for me.




For a Delco Alternator try this 31.5" Belt:


NAPA #7315 or Duralast #15315 


On 1/26/2015 this Duralast belt was a whopping $3




For a Prestolite/Ford Alternator try this 32.0" belt:


NAPA #7320 or Duralast #15320  #11AV0815



See a belt cross reference chart HERE



Now, some of you may be asking that age old question - what about the paperwork?


Essentially, in a nutshell, your A&P/IA has been given the authority by the FAA to approve for service any part he/she feels is airworthy. Whether this be a "serviceable" gear motor, flap motor, fastener, etc. They have the authority to make that call. Now, as to whether your mechanic will choose to EXERCISE that authority is another matter entirely.


I have always believed that aircraft mechanics should be chosen as you would choose a doctor, lawyer, accountant or any other professional in whom you place great trust with your affairs. You, the owner/PIC, are the final authority as to the airworthiness of your aircraft.


It doesn't have to cost a lot to properly care for and maintain your Beechcraft!



IO470 Belt Watch Out







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